Unmatched care. Personalized service.
In a perfect destination.

Minnesota International Medicine (MIM) is a Twin Cities-based consortium of physicians and hospitals delivering world-class medical care and personalized services for international patients in the friendly, thriving and culturally diverse cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Serving Patients

Expect a unique combination of specialized care and personalized service. Every patient receives the highest quality care from our attentive and dedicated team of physicians, nurses and support staff. We handle every detail, including travel, accommodations and local services, so that you and your family have a relaxing and stress-free experience in the Twin Cities.

Assisting Embassies

Give citizens access to many of the world’s top physicians and most innovative technologies. We make it easy by maintaining close relationships with the medical attachés and embassies in New York, Washington, D.C., London and Canada as well as with the undersecretaries of health and physicians in many countries. Our expertise in coordinating international care is unsurpassed.